Best Zero Calorie Sweeteners for Travel: stevia, monk fruit

By floridafuntimes | August 10, 2011 at 11:34 AM EDT | No Comments

Kal Pure Stevia Extract Plus Luo Han (monk fruit).  This product comes in a red, white and blue box that has 100 very well packaged individual servings.  One packet is so sweet that it will sweeten several cups of coffee, or tea.  It is perfect for travel; the Kal product is packaged so well that I have never had it to absorb moisture and harden, unlike other brands of pure stevia that are package in a paper wrapper.  This means that your sweeter will not end up tasting like what is in your suitcase, purse or pocket, i.e. perfume samples, money, etc.  You can find this product in the sweetener isle of our beautiful Whole Foods Store on Sand Lake Road in Orlando.

NOTE:  Wholesome Sweeteners now offers Organic Stevia, which is packaged for travel and does not contain the Chinese herb, Luo Han.  Click on the Link Me 2 tab at the top of Florida Fun Times website” for more information.


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