Universal Studios Orlando Islands of Adventure: Mythos

By floridafuntimes | November 04, 2011 at 08:26 PM EDT | No Comments

Florida Fun Times is currently on the search for the BEST restaurant INSIDE a central Florida theme park!  I will be giving letter grades with A being the best and being the worst.  Wait times and service will not be graded as this varies from day to day.  I deduct at least one grade for any food that seems to be to have artificial colors, enhancements, flavors, preservatives, or other non-naturally occurring compounds.

Up first for my graded inspection was Mythos at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.  During my visit this week, I ordered crab sliders, without bread.  The two small crab cakes were moist and had a touch of a tasty dressing.  The dish was a good value at $12.99.  I will order them again in the future.

This entree is normally served with a side of potato salad and on my request, they were kind enough to substitute mashed potatoes and put a pat of truffle butter on top.  The mashed potatoes were piped to resemble a sea shell.  Despite their gracious accommodation of my request of the substitution and my insistence of a pat of truffle butter on top, I would not order the mashed potatoes again.  These mashed potatoes looked and tasted like there was no expense spared on butter flavoring.  I am sensitive to many types of flavorings and additives; if you are like me, then you will want to pass on the mashed potatoes.

I drank unsweetened iced tea but must confess that I like lemon water with a splash of tea added.  Restaurants, please quarter lemons instead of turning them into thin half wheels that are nearly impossible to squeeze into tea!

For dessert, I selected flour-less chocolate banana cake.  It tasted like a milk chocolate soufflé and was served warm topped with Edy’s brand peanut butter ice cream.  I savored the caramel sauce which was pure, simple, delicious and could have accompanied a flan.  Everything together was near the top of my sweetness tolerance level, though.  I was glad that I didn’t eat bread or drink sugar laden soft drinks.  For me, this is the type of dessert that I would share with my significant other.

The grade for Mythos:  C+


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