Wedding Craft

By floridafuntimes | October 16, 2011 at 07:14 PM EDT | No Comments

Family recipes or favorite recipes from famous chefs or both, can be assembled into 1/2 inch binders and given as party favors for the wedding guests.  Place each treasured recipe in a plastic sheet protector.  On the front clear view cover of the binder, the name of each guest can be inserted.  For my daughter’s wedding, I made a collage of relevant words and pictures using everything from wrapping paper to cut outs from bridal magazines.  I then scanned the collage into my computer.  In the center of the collage, I inserted a “text box” into which I typed each wedding guest’s name.  At the reception, I used the binders as place holders at the dinner table.

Since the wedding and reception was held at Walt Disney World, I used my favorite recipes from the Food and Wine Festival that year.  The celebrity chef’s recipes were inserted into the binder by the chef’s last name.  For instance, Pam Smith’s “Orzo with Roasted Vegetables and Feta” (see was after Kevin Downing’s “Truffle-laced Lobster Mac & Cheese” and before Buddy Valastro’s “Carlo’s Bakery Tiramisu” in the binder.

These were very special occasion recipes for a very special occasion.  Normally we do not cook like that everyday.  Recently, I have met several people who seem to lack the time and desire to spend any time in the kitchen.

For those folks, I have included a few of my favorite easy, inexpensive, and time saving kitchen shortcuts in my recipe section.  Click on the recipe tab and look for “Fried yellows” and “Crock-pot Rosemary Chicken.”


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