Restaurant Review Walt Disney World EPCOT Chefs de France

The biggest secret that I learned from my six months of eating in local restaurants three times a day for six months is that the best restaurants offer the best substitutions.  Chefs de France is an example of the best.

During my lunch hour visit, I ordered what was listed on the menu as a fish sandwich and french fries.  I explained that I did not want the bread from the sandwich and did not want the french fries.  I asked whether mashed potatoes could be substituted for the french fries.   The reply was that no, but they could offer a green salad instead.  Oh, yes, that was a much better option.  This far exceeded my expectations!  The salad was fresh, delicious, and covered nearly half the plate.

Another mark of a great restaurant is how they treat a tea drinker.  If you order hot tea and a restaurant passes you by with the coffee pot in hand to refill everyone else, don’t return to this restaurant.  If you are ordering iced tea, popular on a warm day, and a restaurant has a plate of lemon wedges, easy to squeeze into your beverage, then put that restaurants on your favorites list.  It was a warm day and Chefs de France did make the grade for lemon wedges.

The only disappointment was the dessert menu.  I had visions of an opulent dessert cart to be whisked along side my table.  Instead, I was offered a paper menu with a limited amount of choices.  Carefully looking it over I decided on the cinnamon apple crepes.  I have posted a picture for your examination.  Although the flavors of the tart apple mingling with the sweet cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla were exquisite, I expected more.  In particular, the dessert could have used a bit more cinnamon and a lot more apples!  At the price point of 8 dollars, I think an inch of apples should be expected.  Although I could have asked for an extra side of apples, by the time my server noticed that I had not eaten, my ice cream would have been melted.  I ate the dessert happy with the flavors, but left wishing that I had chosen another restaurant for dessert.



My grade for Chefs de France is B+


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