Travel Tip–Don’t Pack Yellow and Black

Another first for me this week, was that I was stung by a yellow jacket.  I had to look it up in my dictionary to discover that this is a wasp and not a bee.  Clearly insects are not my area of expertise!

I took my fist trip to the Disney first aid station at the Magic Kingdom.  The nurse pulled the stinger out of my arm then applied a bandage soaked in antibiotic solution and an ice pack secured with an elastic net to keep the ice pack in place.  I asked her if she wanted to know the location in the park where I was stung.  She said no, I was the first person today to come in with a sting. They just consider it part of the flower rich environment, unless the first aid station happened to be swarming with such cases,.

Ignoring the no, I told her that I was sitting outside of the Starlight Cafe eating a chocolate gelato and minding my own business when I felt a sharp pain in my arm.  I looked down and discovered an inch long yellow jacket stinging me.  I screeched and waved my free arm over the injured one to drive the attacker away.

Are there any entomologists out there in cyberspace?  I wasn’t wearing cologne!  Did I provoke the creature by my choice of a bright yellow and black t-shirt along with the sweet aroma of chocolate gelato?  Or, was I the hapless vicim of random wasp violence?

Until I find an answer I vow never to wear yellow and black clothing outdoors again.  Also, if the indoor seating is crowded, I will go hungry or find another restaurant.


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