Dave & Busters Orlando

It took a few months and a few meals to find my favorite here.  Now that I have found the “Make Your Own Shrimp Tacos” on the “Eat & Play Combo” menu, I don’t want to sample anything else.  The staff happily substitutes extra black beans in place of rice, which is my mark of a good restaurant.  The guacamole is excellent, however, the serving size is very, very small.  I recommend ordering an extra side of guacamole.  Also, ask for some thin, crispy, and served warm corn chips with it.  Note:  Only Chicken tacos are offered now, due to a menu change.  There is a grilled shrimp option on the regular menu; I would recommend ordering it grilled without seasoning, if you are sensitive to salt.

The Florida Fun Times favorite cocktail is the “Million Dollar Margarita” served on the rocks.  This margarita is a blend of high end tequila and liqueurs. It costs less than some restaurants charge for coffee, if you order during happy hour.

If you have game coupons, you may redeem them any day except Wednesday.  Note that game points on a Power Card expire after 45 days.  However, the best day to play the games is on Wednesday when all the games are currently half price.  The best time of day for game playing is in the late afternoon before you enjoy a cocktail and a large meal.

Plan for fun; see you in the winners circle!


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