Inspiration From the Ground Up

The product that I am going to tell you about must be the best kept secret that has been literally right under my nose and feet for decades!  Over a decade ago we were two wide eyed innocents who bought a fixer-upper home.  After ten years of chipping away an old patio coating that supported weed growth, we were ready to find our inexpensive do-it-yourself solution to this problem:




Where or where was that answer that we needed?  At Walt Disney World, of course.  I had been walking on it for over two decades!  A big thank you to Rob Zaccaro, who presented the Irrigation Seminar at EPCOT for telling me about Safe T Deck!

Yesterday evening I finished painting this coating onto our patio.  Here is the result:




Tips: We used a stainless steel brush on a broom handle and a shop vacuum to prepare the surface.  Our patio is very small and I used all of one gallon that I had special ordered.  I would recommend ordering at least triple the amount that you would normally use for the same area of indoor paint, and have it tinted to your color choice in one trip to the store.  Also, allow at least a week for your special order to arrive.

PS:  I  painted our screen door while I was waiting for the patio coating to arrive at my local store. The dark areas of the Before picture were not shadows, they were stains!

See the Ames website (www. for additional information on where you may order their product and the color choices that are available.


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