Finding a Doctor

When my mother became ill, I had to review the procedures to locate a physician closer to my home, so that I could care for her.

So, this is the information that you might need, should you become a medical tourist, or if you are a resident wanting to check up on your doctor or find a new one.

First, I needed information from her health insurance card.  This allowed me to access her insurance website to find a list of medical providers in a fifteen mile radius from my zip code.

Although you know the name of the city of your travel destination, It is important to know the name of the county and it’s zip code.

(This is important for emergency weather information too.  Local television stations even want you to know the shape of the county on a map!  Also, the name of surrounding counties is important when storms are approaching your area.)

After I made a list of possible doctors within my zip code, my next step was to access the State of Florida’s website to check the license information.

To do this go to

Click on the picture titled Health Care Professionals

Next, at the top under Licensing and Regulations, click the Health Care Professionals link

On this page look for the white box at the bottom left titled “mqalinks.”  Click on Look Up a License.

Enter in the last and then first name of the Doctor that you obtained from your insurance company.

Finally, click on the box that says: “Find Provider.”

After doing this for the entire list of Doctors, I had to phone each one to ask if they were accepting new patients and if they still accepted her insurance.

My final word of advice is that there are many healthy food options in our local theme parks.  Being sick is not fun; so, make healthy choices and enjoy your time here.


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