Don’t Bug Me on any Occasion Wreath

Gardening Tip

Party Saver

After I spoke with Leu Garden’s Mr. Robert Bowden during a lecture at the WDW Flower and Garden Festival, I came up with this idea.  I explained to him that I was a target for flying insects and asked what he did to prevent this when he is gardening.  He said that he uses fabric softener dryer sheets.  I began putting dryer sheets in my pockets and have not had any unpleasantries with flying insects since then.

I researched flying insects both on the University of Florida website and wikipedia.  On wikipedia I found that a common insect repellent is a synthetic perfume with the chemical name of tricyclodecenyl allyl ether.  I attempted to verify if this was the type of perfume used in dryer sheets but was not able to confirm this on wikipedia.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, I decided that experiential evidence was good enough for me to come up with an idea to keep mosquitoes and wasps away from my patio door.  In this area, it was not possible to burn citronella torches!

To make this, I used almost two full large packages of original scent Great Value (WalMarts brand) dryer sheets.  I made sure to cover my hands with plastic gloves to avoid any allergic reaction.  I began in the center of the wire wreath wheel.  I folded the dyers sheets into fourth length ways and simply tied them onto each section.  I placed ten in each interior section of the inner most circle.  Due to the bulk, I tied seven in each section of the next concentric circle.  After that, i used six in the next sections.  By the outer and final wire circle, I was able to fit ten dryer sheets in each section.

I put a bow on the top.  All in white, this could be practical for an outdoor wedding!


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