Customer Loyalty Cards in Orlando

The idea behind customer loyalty cards is to generate repeat business; sometimes they are named frequent buyer cards.  They are usually small paper cards that are either stamped or punched.  When filled, the cards are redeemed for a free meal or a discount on clothing or merchandise.

From the customer’s point of view, they mean having to remember to pack up the cards before heading out the door.  Customers do this with the expectation that the cards will be honored without hassle so that a few dollars will be saved in return for the inconvenience.  I have several cards from many business in the Orlando area and usually have a positive experience using them.

However, from the point of view of some cashier and managers, customer loyalty cards are viewed as serious trouble with a labyrinth of complicated rules that they feel burdened to explain to the greedy customers who have found out about the secret discounts.

To maximize the fun and savings, ask if the establishment offers customer loyalty cards.  If they do, ask for an explanation of the rules before you spend any money.  This is very important when the rules are not stated on the card or posted anywhere.


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