Kennedy Space Center Vehicle Assemble Building Tour

NOTE:  Since this post, the Shuttle Atlantis has been moved out of the VAB.  And, it now costs ten dollars to park.  The good news is that you will be able to see Atlantis next year in it’s own building at the visitors center   Also, you can park your car for free, if you have an annual pass.

Wow!  Now is the time to take the VAB tour!  The time and money spent are worth it, worth it, worth it!

This tour will be available for only a few months and it is truly a remarkable and rare opportunity.  I know many people who worked at the Kennedy Space Center for years and never had the security clearance that granted them access to the vehicle assembly building.

Inside the VAB at KSC

Tips: Book your ticket for this popular tour in advance.  Although there is typical American food available, if you are on a special diet, you might want to bring your own food.  Buy or bring a bottle of water. Remember your camera.  Senior, military, and Brevard County resident discounts for general admission prices are available.  Parking is FREE!  Even if you don’t plan to visit more than once in a year, consider upgrading your admission ticket to an annual pass at a very reasonable price at the guest services desk.  The annual pass will provide you with a discount on food and souvenirs and give you a free special keepsake gift!  The annual pass is worth it, worth it, worth it!


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