Travel Tip to Stay Healthy: Clean out the Whirlpool

It’s moist.  It’s dark.  It’s a terrific place to culture a nasty infection outside of a petri dish.  It’s the jets in that oh so muscle relaxing whirlpool bathtub!  Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble!

Each time a jetted tub whorls dead skin cells, secretions, and things that silently slither over a human body, there will be a significant amount of this dirty bathwater remaining in the tubes of the bubble jets even after the bath is drained.  Simply wiping down the bathtub does not clean out these jet ports and tubing.

To stay healthy, fill the bath with very hot water and drop in two dishwasher soap tabs.  Turn the bubble jets on full blast and let them run until the water starts to cool.  Next, turn off the jets, drain the tub. Then fill the tub with cold water and add two cups of white vinegar.  Turn the jets on for a minute.  Next turn off the jets and then drain the tub again.

Finally, fill your tub with warm water for your bath.  Get in the bath, turn on the jets.  Now you can relax, because you know that there will not be any uninvited guests in your bath water.



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