Chocolate Kingdom Tour in Kissimmee Florida

Chocolate BarThis is a must-see and taste tour for a family of chocolate lovers.  It combines the complete history of chocolate with a fun cartoon adventure that is lead by an enthusiastic tour guide.  Several years ago, I toured a chocolate exhibit in a science museum.  For that tour, I had to buy admission to the museum and a separate admission to the exhibit.   The Chocolate Kingdom tour is much more fun and less expensive.

Admission for the tour is $15; for an extra $5.00, you can design your own chocolate bar with up to three extra ingredients.  The tour lasts about 45 minutes; plan on an extra 20 minutes, if you design your own chocolate bar.

If your vacation schedule doesn’t permit this amount of time and you just want to pop in to buy some great chocolate, you can buy everything from whole roasted cocoa beans with a light sugar coating, sugar-free cocoa nibs, and chocolate by the piece, to i-Phone shaped chocolate bars!  There is someone on your gift list who would appreciate one of these items.
Chocolate Kingdom is located on the South side of Highway 192 in Kissimmee near Old Town and next to the Fun Spot; the parking is free.  There is an Orlando location near International Drive also.


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