The Toy Department and My Refrigerator

While cleaning out my refrigerator, i narrowly escaped personal injury!  Not having a utility tub in my home, I clean large items in my bathtub.  I had just removed the third glass shelf framed in plastic, soaped it and rinsed it when my hand slipped and the already cracking plastic suddenly gave way and most of the shelf came crashing down into my bathtub while one side of the plastic enclosure went flying off in the opposite direction!

Fortunately, I have a very small bathtub and the three parts of the plastic that hit the tub were wedged only a few inches from where I had been holding it.  Since it didn’t drop very far, the glass stayed intact.  No broken glass, no bleeding today, yes!

However, what was I going to do with a broken shelf?  Dry everything off and take a trip to my local big box department store.  Walking through the various departments and reading labels on glue that stated warning about using it on plastic, I found myself in the toy department where I found a non-toxic glue made for plastic model building.  It was not expensive, so I decided to try it.

After drying the surfaces again, I did the best I could to spread the glue over the broken pieces.  I was not able to clamp them or hold them for several minutes needed to exactly line them up, so I did the best I could do.  Then, instead of just four hours to dry, I let the shelf dry overnight.  With the humidity in Florida, I decided that it needed double the usual dry time.

The next morning, I was delighted to find that the glue dried solid.  My cheap solution to the problem worked!   I put my five year old refrigerator back together.  It used to be that appliances could last more than double this time, but not in today’s disposable world!  So, I am beginning my search for a new refrigerator, and I am hoping that I will be able to find one that doesn’t have plastic enclosed glass shelves!


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