Saving on Home Fixtures with Delta Faucets

Great companies, like Delta Faucets, should be tweeted, shared, blogged, linked, etc.

When we began renovations of our home, we chose to replace the bath fixtures with Delta band faucets.  During the decades that we have been using them, I had to call customer service twice.  They exceeded my expectations both times by providing me with prompt and courteous service; I recall a lady who stayed on the line with me and talked me through changing a shower fixture cartridge.

Since this overwhelmingly positive first experience, when it came time to update the update with a different fixture, we selected a Delta faucet again from our local home improvement store.  Today while I was cleaning it, I inadvertently pulled out the rod that lowers and lifts up the bathroom sink stopper.  Instead of calling a plumber and paying at least a service call fee, I searched the Delta faucet website and viewed a video on how to install a faucet.  Putting the rod back into the gizmo under the sink was a simple and quick repair that did not require a plumber or any tools.  I didn’t even have to make a phone call.  Delta faucet to my rescue again!

I place Delta Faucets on my list of most highly recommended companies, along with Apple and Disney!


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