Breakfast Brings Family Together

Florida Fun Times Waffle Blintz

Quick and easy technique.


Check out the “Cooking at Home” tab for a new, fast, easy, healthy, breakfast recipe.  It’s more of a technique than a recipe.  After years of putting food on the table for my family and attending other family member’s dinners, this is my best advice for achieving family harmony and happiness.

1.) Develop kitchen techniques that do not involve complicated, messy, time consuming work which leaves you exhausted, unpleasant, or worse.

2.) Your self worth is not dependent on your ability to cook.  Life is not a Norman Rockwell painting.

3.)  Use a slow cooker whenever possible.

4.) Always eat a good breakfast and eat small portions.

5.) Have healthy snacks available at all times.

6.)  Set out an array of healthy options that don’t require your direct involvement or supervision, if everyone is an adult.  Always supervise children.

7.) Pot lucks are fine, going out to a restaurant is better.

8.) The ultimate prize is a happy healthy family that have fond memories of how you make them feel.

9.) Remember to take a lot of pictures.


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