Big Rain Day Big Fun Day

There are a few great places where rain will not cancel your fun.  Older children will enjoy a visit to the Orlando Eye, Madame Trussauds Wax Museum, and Sea Life Aquarium complex on International Drive.  Parking there is free both outside in the rear of the complex and inside the covered parking deck just on the North side.
Also on International Drive, Dave and Busters offers a restaurant, bar, big kid video games, and a few covered parking spaces.  Chuck E Cheese, a pizza and game restaurant for the smaller kids, has free outdoor parking.
Younger children will enjoy The Crayola Experience which is located a few miles to the East on Sand Lake Road.  Since it’s inside the Florida Mall, the parking is free.  However, you might want to park as close as possible anywhere in the vast parking lot and then walk through the mall to avoid a long run to the front door.  The entrance is on the outside of the building, so you do have a chance you might get caught in the rain trying to get through the front door.  However, once you pay the modest admission into the Experience, you don’t have to leave for hours, since there is a small cafeteria which has organic milk, and some other healthy options in addition to soft drinks and pizza.  You can wait out the rain, or decide to shop at the mall, being able to exit the attraction through their gift shop and stay completely dry.  After shopping, if you prefer to return to the Crayola Experience, be sure to get a hand stamp before you leave.
All children will have fun as long as you are having fun; so, relax and make the best of the liquid sunshine.


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