Bob’s Red Mill Millet

Haven’t had time to blog much lately.  My parrot needs antibiotic liquid each day.  No way to tell if his infection was caused by the spicy hot and bitter tasting millet flour that I used to make his bird cookies (which I also ate.)

If you have had any problems with any millet flour from any company, please contact that company immediately.  You will need to send them a sample.  If you have the manufacturing information on the side of the package, please email that information to them, but keep your package.  I have not thrown mine away.

Bob’s Red Mill considers myself, my mother, and my sick parrot as only one complaint.  They requested a sample from the batch in order to smell it, then, store it in the event anyone else complains.  They refused to put the sample under a microscope.  They stated to us that they are not allowed to taste the sample.  You, the unsuspecting public, are their tasters.

There is so much more I would like to say about this, but I don’t have the time.  The above is the essential information that you need, if you have any problem with any food for yourself or your pets.


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