Millet Mess, FDA, Food

After many phone calls, I spoke with someone in the FDA.  I found out the following:

1.)  Even though you see product sell by, expiration dates, etc. on almost all products, this is voluntary information provided by the company.  It should be a law, but it is not.

2.)  If there is no expiration date and the food is expired when a customer buys it, there is nothing that the FDA can do.

3.)  The power of the pocket book is the only way to maintain voluntary information from a company.  That is, if you don’t see an expiration date, do not buy it.  Buy products that have not only an expiration date, but several codes which might indicate source, packaging and other data necessary to track down potential sources of food contamination.

4.)  If you have a problem with a food, immediately contact the company and provide as much information as you have about their product, any health problems you or your pets experienced, etc.  Don’t throw away the food.  Don’t throw away the package.  You need to store it as any other food of that type, but keep it tightly wrapped.  After the company, or a medical doctor requests a sample of the product, then it’s OK to throw the food away.  You have your photos and all other documented communication.  Wrap the food tightly again, and wear a mask if you think you might inhale any spores or fumes while you dispose of it.

5.)  If you are tired of throwing out your romaine lettuce, you might want to contact your elected officials to write mandatory compliance laws to provide food history information on all products that are produced or sold in our country.  That would mean all food including food used by restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc.  Help the FDA do a better job of protecting us.


Bob’s Red Mill Millet

Haven’t had time to blog much lately.  My parrot needs antibiotic liquid each day.  No way to tell if his infection was caused by the spicy hot and bitter tasting millet flour that I used to make his bird cookies (which I also ate.)

If you have had any problems with any millet flour from any company, please contact that company immediately.  You will need to send them a sample.  If you have the manufacturing information on the side of the package, please email that information to them, but keep your package.  I have not thrown mine away.

Bob’s Red Mill considers myself, my mother, and my sick parrot as only one complaint.  They requested a sample from the batch in order to smell it, then, store it in the event anyone else complains.  They refused to put the sample under a microscope.  They stated to us that they are not allowed to taste the sample.  You, the unsuspecting public, are their tasters.

There is so much more I would like to say about this, but I don’t have the time.  The above is the essential information that you need, if you have any problem with any food for yourself or your pets.

Soup Starter

Beet soup with almond milk instead of coconut milk.

Beet soup with almond milk instead of coconut milk.

The recipe for beet soup that I found on the Internet is not the story here.  What is the story, is that even though the recipe turned out delicious when my mother made it, she followed the recipe with only one substitution.  When I decided to make it today, I made several changes.  In particular, I lacked the canned coconut milk that was part of the original recipe and used much more ginger.  I wish the recipe would have given the number of ounces of fresh ginger root.

Since I decided to double the recipe, I have limited space in my refrigerator, and the recipe called for the coconut milk after cooking the rest of the ingredients, this turned out to be the perfect storm of inspiration to make a soup starter or concentrate.

I decided to blog about this idea, since so many people these days are like me.  They have whole whipping cream, almond milk, coconut milk, A2 cow milk, plain greek yogurt, etc. taking up valuable real estate in their refrigerator.  Sometimes this is due to trying too many recipes and sometimes it’s because your family members are on different diets.

Here is a picture of some of the starter or concentrate that I made before having several bowls with different types of milk stirred in just before serving:

Beet Soup before any type of milk is added.

Beet Soup before any type of milk is added.

Now it’s time for me to clean up the kitchen.  I am glad that I doubled the recipe. I don’t want to go through this beet splatter clean up again this week.  Did someone say CSI photos are less messy?

Buying Dot Com

The main website,, is being hosted by Network Solutions.  I have posted a short note on my website, that it is now for sale.  I am accepting bids at

My focus has changed to writing about the African Grey parrot that is now sharing my life and most of my time.  He is worth it.  Before the dot com website sale is made, I will update you on my new blog address.  If you would like to follow my parrot adventures, please make a note to look us up!

I hope to hear from you soon.

How to 50 Shades your Bedroom

If you are looking for a decorating project that doesn’t require a lot of time or money, please watch my newest YouTube video. It is a very short slide show and will not take too much time to watch. Note that there is zero sewing involved and more time was spent shopping than actually completing the project. January white sales would make a 50 shades bedroom even more affordable.

So much to write about and so little time. Our daughter is in her second year of veterinary school and my mother will be going on six years since her major surgeries. When she was staying with us during her recovery, we had decorated our guest room with colors that she liked. Now it’s time for a makeover. I thought about a modern theme that adults would like, but not look geriatric! I decided to make a 50 shades bedroom, since we have no little children or grandchildren. We also have no dogs or cats. Although, our daughter will be giving us a grand-bird soon. More about that next year!

My budget has been very thin. Not counting the new drape panels purchased from a bedding specialty store (which were on 50% clearance plus an additional 20% off with a coupon), and the fact that I already had six new pillows still in the original plastic packaging, my cost was about 25 dollars. I spent four dollars on gray pillow cases from a dollar store. Two new white pillow cases were purchased from a big box chain store for just under five dollars. From a thrift store, I purchased eight men’s ties for about two dollars each. After hand washing the ties and letting them drip-dry, I was ready to begin.

We have a metal bed frame, but if your bed is different you might gain an idea from the color scheme and theme of this room. Let this be your guide or inspiration.