Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Magnet

IMG_0001We use the skills that we gain from attending lectures at the Disney Flower and Garden Festival.  We had learned that the Monarch butterfly is an endangered species and we can help them by planting milk weed bushes.  Last year we planted one milkweed bush that we received from the show in our backyard.  This year we bought six plants from our local home improvement center and began planting them in our front yard.  Before we finished planting all six, a Monarch was flitting around and watching our gardening skills.  I ran into my house and grabbed my iPhone to capture the picture above.


Free for Gardens

Just ask your local Starbucks to save their left-over coffee grounds for you.  It’s best to call them in the morning and let them know when you will be in to pick up the grounds, since my local store said that they suspended this program when customers used to throw trash on top of their neatly stacked coffee ground bags.  I suggested that they store the grounds behind the counter.

Starbucks Grounds for Gardens

Starbucks Grounds for Gardens

Money Saver Tip:  The bags are nice to stuff with weeds, so nothings goes to waste!

Arts and Crafts for Grown Ups at Walt Disney World

Learning Watercolor at DisneyBotanical Illustration presented by Redenta Soprano is a Festival Center must-see and do, since you will have a hands-on lesson in watercolor painting!  Ms. Soprano will present centuries of art history along with answering all of your questions about illustration.  She will be appearing on the Designers’ Stage two more times during the 2013 Flower & Garden Festival.  Ms. Soprano will return today Monday, May 6, 2013!

If you want to participate in this session and have your very own art treasure to take home, plan to be there early, since seating is very limited.  You do not need to be an artist to enjoy this presentation!