A Few of my Favorite Things—Insect Traps that Work

Enforcer Flea Traps

It’s a little nite light too!

I have been using this brand of Insect traps for about twenty years.  Here I have shown just the refills.  These glue boards fit into a plastic unit that plugs into the wall.  The units now have a small energy efficient LED bulb, whereas before they had a chandelier bulb.  Locally, the only place I can find them is at Ace Hardware.  They are worth driving out of my way to buy them.

In my experience here in Florida, they are really effective in flea control and somewhat effective in trapping other kinds of insects.  They are part of my arsenal of toxic-free pest control measures inside my home.  If I start to loose the battle with the bugs, I will drive out to the university extension service toting my specimen that I have trapped in clear package wrapping tape for identification.  They will use their microscope, if needed, and provide me with  a free written plan that I insist has no harmful effects for people, animals, or the environment.  All you need to do is ask; of course, you need to know that this service is available.  This keeps me blogging.

I hope this post can save you my reader or a precious pet, elderly person, or a child from the harmful effects of pesticide poisoning.  Please pass this advice on to everyone you know.


Clothes and Skin Cancer

A few years back, I wrote about clothes that were great for travel, since they don’t wrinkle.  I still like these nylon clothes, but now I wear them at night.  A few months ago, I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.  Sounds very scary, but after a few minor office procedures, the cancer is completely gone.

There were many shocking things to me.  First of all, the small bump behind my knee was about the size of a skin tag and perfectly round and not dark.  In fact, it was white and red.  I thought it was a bug bite.  However, I decided to have a whole body check from a dermatologist because the thing was solid and didn’t go away.

The second shocking thing about this is that it was located on my leg and I haven’t worn shorts for decades.  However, I was wearing regular clothing.  Since this incident, I have invested in sport clothes with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30.  When I can find the 50 rating, I am elated.

The third shocking thing about this experience is that it laid me up for six weeks!  Because the location was at a point on my skin that gets a lot of pulling and stretching, I was told not to exercise and even walking was verboten!

The forth shocking thing is the size of the incision.  Lets do the math.  The diameter of the bump was .125 inches.  The resulting scar was 3.0 inches.  So, .125 (x) = 3.0, then x = 24.  The width of the scar was 24 times the width of the original bump.  Give that word problem to your teenager.

The final shock was that recent news has reported younger and darker skinned people are getting skin cancer;  and, they were using sun block lotions.  I have never been a fan of these products, but I am starting to use them on exposed areas.  The sun protection factor clothing doesn’t require you to slather on buckets of chemicals every two hours.  Where it is possible to cover up, I cover up.  Where it is not possible, I apply the best chemical I can find.

I believe that life has a purpose.  The things we experience are meant to teach us a lesson.  Furthermore, we must pass our knowledge on.  So, have fun, but stay safe and encourage others to do the same.

Free Garden Fun

IMG_2343Find this whimsical garden decoration just north of the Orlando airport in the explorations gardens behind the University of Florida Orange County Extension service office on Conway Road.  The parking is free.

Take a free self guided and very educational tour of the shade, formal, pollinator, trial, bog, flowering tree, fruit tree, succulent, tropical, and small vegetable gardens.  The best time to visit is during the week and on a sunny day.  Plan to spend about an hour.  It’s a nice place to visit when you are looking for inexpensive but worthwhile activities while you are waiting to check into your hotel.   When you need to enjoy some air conditioning a bit of shopping and a light meal, it is a short drive to the Florida Mall, the mall at Millenia, or Disney Springs (formally Downtown Disney.)

Help Feed Kids and Enjoy the Rewards


La Madeleine Restaurant is making donations to the Children’s Hunger Fund.  If you buy a cookie from now until the end of May, they will donate one dollar.  If you donate $5.00, they will give you a sheet of coupons that is worth much more.  The coupons introduce you to many items that you might not have tried if you didn’t have a coupon.  I would call this a win-win-win.  The children win, the restaurant wins, and you win.

Lego Friends Orlando Florida

Lego Friends kit for vets office

Lego Friends kit for vets office

With a little help from my friends I made the project shown above.  That is, with help from my new friend named Cathy at the Lego Store in Orlando and a small Lego Friends calendar kit, I made a business card holder.  The business card area was made from spare parts from a DVD holder project that Cathy helped me build in the store.  Both projects were so much fun and practical.  Cathy’s gentle guidance, encouraged me to tackle the business card project on my own.  Now, I am envisioning so many creative, custom made Lego projects for myself and for my friends and family.

This Lego business card holder will be given to our daughter when she has her own veterinary practice.  I show it here with a business card from the Disney Gardener.  As you see, I had to turn the card on the short side because the kit’s base was not large enough to turn the business card on the traditional long side.  I wonder when my daughter is designing her business cards, if she will design them to be read from the short side and place them in this Lego Friends kit on her office desk.