Free Garden Fun

IMG_2343Find this whimsical garden decoration just north of the Orlando airport in the explorations gardens behind the University of Florida Orange County Extension service office on Conway Road.  The parking is free.

Take a free self guided and very educational tour of the shade, formal, pollinator, trial, bog, flowering tree, fruit tree, succulent, tropical, and small vegetable gardens.  The best time to visit is during the week and on a sunny day.  Plan to spend about an hour.  It’s a nice place to visit when you are looking for inexpensive but worthwhile activities while you are waiting to check into your hotel.   When you need to enjoy some air conditioning a bit of shopping and a light meal, it is a short drive to the Florida Mall, the mall at Millenia, or Disney Springs (formally Downtown Disney.)


Lego Friends Orlando Florida

Lego Friends kit for vets office

Lego Friends kit for vets office

With a little help from my friends I made the project shown above.  That is, with help from my new friend named Cathy at the Lego Store in Orlando and a small Lego Friends calendar kit, I made a business card holder.  The business card area was made from spare parts from a DVD holder project that Cathy helped me build in the store.  Both projects were so much fun and practical.  Cathy’s gentle guidance, encouraged me to tackle the business card project on my own.  Now, I am envisioning so many creative, custom made Lego projects for myself and for my friends and family.

This Lego business card holder will be given to our daughter when she has her own veterinary practice.  I show it here with a business card from the Disney Gardener.  As you see, I had to turn the card on the short side because the kit’s base was not large enough to turn the business card on the traditional long side.  I wonder when my daughter is designing her business cards, if she will design them to be read from the short side and place them in this Lego Friends kit on her office desk.