Free Garden Fun

IMG_2343Find this whimsical garden decoration just north of the Orlando airport in the explorations gardens behind the University of Florida Orange County Extension service office on Conway Road.  The parking is free.

Take a free self guided and very educational tour of the shade, formal, pollinator, trial, bog, flowering tree, fruit tree, succulent, tropical, and small vegetable gardens.  The best time to visit is during the week and on a sunny day.  Plan to spend about an hour.  It’s a nice place to visit when you are looking for inexpensive but worthwhile activities while you are waiting to check into your hotel.   When you need to enjoy some air conditioning a bit of shopping and a light meal, it is a short drive to the Florida Mall, the mall at Millenia, or Disney Springs (formally Downtown Disney.)


Help Feed Kids and Enjoy the Rewards


La Madeleine Restaurant is making donations to the Children’s Hunger Fund.  If you buy a cookie from now until the end of May, they will donate one dollar.  If you donate $5.00, they will give you a sheet of coupons that is worth much more.  The coupons introduce you to many items that you might not have tried if you didn’t have a coupon.  I would call this a win-win-win.  The children win, the restaurant wins, and you win.

Recycling Electronics

The EPA website gives a list of stores that offer recycling services of electronic devices, such as cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, computers, Macs, PCs, and TVs.  However, it does not tell you that if you live near a mall with a Microsoft store, you can walk in any time and hand them your old PC and they take care of recycling it for you.  Although Microsoft does not give you any monetary consideration, you don’t have to fill out any forms; so, it’s quick and easy.

Apple offers a recycling program through their website,; a free prepaid mailing box will be sent to you for qualifying items including PCs; and if they have any reasonable value, an apple gift card will be mailed to you.  Apple mall stores do not accept items for recycling.  However, old working iPods will be accepted in the mall store and you will be given an immediate ten percent discount toward a new iPod.  Details are on the website.

Wherever you decide to recycle your old electronic device, you will feel good that you are doing something good for your home, planet Earth!  Everyday should be Earth Day!

Black Friday Power Breakfast: Where to find the Recipe

Visit the “Cooking At Home” page of the main website of to be inspired to create your own power breakfast using Florida kumquats!

Your creation is rich in protein and calcium, since it contains Greek style yogurt and cottage cheese.  This recipe is made the night before, so you have a quick breakfast that will give you the nutrition and energy you will need for all of your power shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Fast Food Dollar Menu in Orlando

If you are shopping at the outlet malls, stop by the Del Taco on the corner of Grand National and International Drive.  This modest restaurant has more than a dozen items priced at $1.00 and UNDER!

If you are a senior, ask for the senior discount and save an additional ten percent!

Relax and take a minute to look over the extensive fast food menu.  My favorite item is the bean and cheese cup for 99 cents.  I order it with green sauce in place of the red sauce for no additional charge.  You will find this item under sides and not in the buck or less section of the menu.

Also, remember that just like the outlet malls, there are several entrances and exits from this tiny parking lot.  Please do not block intersections or thru lanes attempting to merge into a turn lane.

By-pass the lines of traffic and find another entrance, exit, or turn lane.  You will be as pleasantly surprised that driving a few more feet down the road ends up saving you time and gas money because you are not stuck in the middle of the road behind other people who didn’t think outside the box like you did!

Another way to enjoy all the great shopping and food that Orlando has to offer without stress from traffic this time of year is to take a bus and avoid driving all together.




Time Saver–The Mall at Millenia

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The Mall at Millenia is the most beautiful mall in the Central Florida area and it has a United States Post office!  This has been a significant time saver and a surprising money saver for me.  The flat rate shipping is a good value and even includes the box, label, and any tape you might need!

Shop at great stores such as Apple, Bloomingdale’s, Crate & Barrel, etc.  Then ship all the presents out from the post office; you will have time for a haircut and later a delicious dinner without leaving the mall.  Accomplish it all in one stop!